About Us

The Clinic
Spectrum Speech and Hearing Clinic is a clinic based in south Mumbai dealing in the assessment and management of various speech, language, voice, swallowing and hearing related problems. We cater to children as well as adults. Tasneem Manasawala established this clinic in the year 2009.
The clinic specializes in treatments such as:
  • LIDCOMBE Program for stuttering
  • Stuttering Treatment for adults based on Valsalva Hypothesis
  • Resonant Voice Therapy for voice problems
  • Multimodality Language Treatment for acquired language disorders in adults
  • Hearing solutions for adults and children with hearing problems
Tasneem Manasawala is a RCI registered Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist.

She completed her bachelors program in Hearing, Language and Speech (B.Sc. H.L.S.) in 2007 from Ali Yavar Jung National Institute For The Hearing Handicapped (A.Y.J.N.I.H.H), Mumbai. She then pursued a masters degree in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology from the reputed B.Y.L. Nair and Topiwala Medical College, Mumbai.

She has worked as an Audiologist and Speech Therapist at renowned hospitals like Saifee Hospital and Prince Aly Khan Hospital in Mumbai.

She has participated in numerous health camps organized by the Wokhardt Foundation.

In her 12 years of clinical practice she has dealt with a variety of speech, language, swallowing, voice and hearing loss cases. She is experienced in dealing with stuttering in children and adults, voice problems in children and adults, swallowing problems in adults and hearing testing and hearing aid fitting for children and adults.
Our Mission
Only humans have the gift to communicate their thoughts and ideas through speech and language. We truly are SOCIAL BEINGS. Speech, Language and Hearing are important aspects that define us as social beings. At Spectrum Speech and Hearing Clinic we strive to help individuals who have problems in their speech or language or hearing abilities to over come their difficulties and be able to participate in the world that they live.
Our Philosophy
At Spectrum Speech and Hearing Clinic we look at enhancing the quality of life of each of our patients. We consider each patient as a contributing member to the society. Thus our end goal is to try to enable each patient to merge, fit and contribute in the real world.

We believe in individualized therapy. We know that no two patients are same and their needs are unique to them. Thus they deserve personalized and individualized intervention designed to meet their specific needs.

We also believe in a collaborative approach. We appreciate active participation and support from family, friends, teachers and other therapists. This helps us provide a holistic treatment to our patients.

We also aim at providing latest and effective diagnostic and therapeutic services to our patients. Thus we constantly keep our skills and knowledge updated by staying in tune with the recent researches and developments in the fields of speech, language and hearing sciences.