• A.K., Father of a 3 year old
    We visited Tasneem's clinic to seek her help with our daughter’s speech. She was facing a little difficulty in picking certain sounds and letters and we wanted to address this at an early stage.
    Working with children is not an easy task, we understand that. There are a lot of variables that need to be addressed while getting them to listen to you. Tasneem understands this, her approach is to make the child feel comfortable in the new environment, build trust and a familiarity.
    We were very happy with this approach as we could observe marked changes in our daughter’s speech in a relatively short span of time. We could see Tasneem had created a bond with her and as a result she started responding quicker to Tasneem's approach.
    A.K., Father of a 3 year old
  • R.K., Mother of a 3 year old
    Tasneem is a wonderful person who can relate to any age group. She helped our daughter’s speech correction. My daughter never realized that she was going for any treatment. In fact till date even after two years she wants to visit her clinic to spend some time with her.
    R.K., Mother of a 3 year old
  • V.E., Mother of a 3 year old
    Our visit to Mumbai gave us a opportunity to meet an exceptional speech therapist and a altruistic human being Tasneem Manasawala..
    She was always solicitous about the well-being of the children. Her unfailing tolerance and forbearance under great provocation (tantrums by little children) left us amazed. She was very instrumental in bringing back normalcy into my child’s life.
    My experience has been one with great contentment and I can boldly say that any parents seeking her help will find the results very encouraging.
    V.E., Mother of a 3 year old
  • A. S. Father of a 4 year old
    We would like to thank Tasneem for her therapy provided to our son for his blabbering speech. In only few sessions, our son who could be only understood by his parents(us) started speaking clearly and now is participating in most of his school plays. Moreover, he enjoyed the sessions so much that he wants to be there whenever we pass by the place.
    A. S. Father of a 4 year old
  • Chef Pratik, Fat is Flavour
    Thank you Dr. Tasneem for helping me overcome by initial hesitation of being able to speak with confidence. It is imperative to believe in yourself before you tread on the part where you allow therapy to help you. My experience with Dr. Tasneem did exactly that and so much more. Our reading sessions were insightful and allowed me to open up about my speech defects. Today, I also conduct baking workshops where I'm able to speak about my passion for patisserie with utmost confidence and resilience.
    Chef Pratik, Fat is Flavour
  • G.M., Mother of a 3 year old
    I was concerned that my child’s speech difficulties would interfere with his social development. Tasneem has been excellent with her teaching style. She also showed me games and activities to do at home that helped my child meet his goals faster. She provided great feedback as to how he was progressing as well as to areas he was having difficulties. I am extremely pleased with my son’s accomplishments. Tasneem is an excellent speech therapist!”
    G.M., Mother of a 3 year old
  • V.C., 52 year old banker
    I had consulted Tasneem for my hearing problem. She helped me with my hearing tests and hearing aids. She is a thorough professional and a genuine person.
    V.C., 52 year old banker
  • M.J., 65 year old home maker
    I am very happy and satisfied with the hearing aids I purchased at Spectrum Speech and Hearing Clinic. My listening experience has improved a lot. Now I can participate in conversations and enjoy the television. Thank you Tasneem for the right guidance.
    M.J., 65 year old home maker
  • A.B., 64 year old businessman
    I contacted Tasneem Manasawala to help me with the hearing aids I already had. I was not happy with the sound quality from them. She adjusted those machines so well that the entire hearing experience changed for the better. I’m using my old machines more regularly and more happily now all thanks to Tasneem.
    A.B., 64 year old businessman